Nanny Workers

We offer professional household staffing with special focus in domestic workers and nannies linking them with households, individuals and businesses. We conduct an in-person interview, do extensive candidate screening process including reference checking and criminal history check. Our strength is the ability to listen to a client’s particular needs and match the most appropriate candidates to those needs


Trained & with experience.
Full-time and stay in.Part-time and stay out.
Ready to relocate.Available to start to work immediately.
Age between 21-55 years.Criminal history check-up.Work reference check-up.
1 month probation period.12 months guarantee in our entire placement.


Occasional nannies.On-call nannies.
Temporary nannies.Emergency nannies.


Event nannies.Last-minute nannies.
Holiday nannies.Nanny Services


LIVE-IN NANNY:Live-in nannies reside in your home, and attend to all child care needs during their scheduled hours.Our live-in nannies have extensive experience in providing excellent care for children, as well as valuable skills that will enrich a child’s development in a number of areas.

LIVE-OUT NANNY:Live-out nannies attend to their charges according to a set schedule.They come to your home in the morning, and leave at their designated hour in the evenings.Like live-in nannies, live-out nannies specialize in developing a child’s skills, while providing ample opportunities to grow and learn.

TEMPORARY NANNY:Our temporary or emergency nannies are available to provide superior childcare when your regular nanny is ill, or unable to work during her usual hours. Like all of our childcare professionals, temporary nannies have undergone an extensive background check.

HOLIDAY NANNY:When you are looking for a childcare professional to travel with you on vacation, the Homelink has a number of caregivers to assist you. Our holiday nannies must hold the same qualifications of any nanny that we represent, and will provide you with high quality childcare anywhere in the world.

SPECIAL NEEDS NANNY:At Homelink, we employ a number of different childcare professionals who have extensive experience in caring for children with special needs. We are confident that we have the perfect nanny to assist your family with your special child assist your family with your special child.